Living Space, Waterloo, 1 Coral St, London SE1 7BE

Canelazo Reception- Festival Opening

The Latin American Community Choir

Colombian Commission of Truth, Exile Chapter

Andrea Millán, Liga Poética de Jamundí

Mariana Aristizábal, Mariana Malena Theatre Company

New Tribe Ensemble

Zooverano DJ Sounds for Peace

InSpire: The Crypt At St Peters/Liverpool Gr, London SE17 2H

Workshops, Open Level

Interdisciplinary Movement Based Session with Ximena Alarcón Deep Listening® for multidimensional peace

Embroidery Workshop Memory and Peace with Jimena Pardo

Creative Music Workshop PERCUTIENDO with Wilmer Sifontes

Copleston Centre, Copleston Rd, Peckham Rye, London SE15 4AN

Group Performances

Children dance class ( 7 years + ) (rondas infantiles) with talentos

Catufa Dance Group, Pueblito Viejo

Talentos will be performing Volvio Juanita, dance-theatre piece

Somos Chibchas presents: “de mar y rio”

acoustic Quinet is a contemporary Latin outfit led by Colombian singer and Cimarron Festival Director Luz Elena Caicedo and musically directed by Venezuelan Master percussionist Wilmer Sifontes.